Your God Is Able

by Scott Stanek on May 18, 2018
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Dear Friend,

In one of our recent Sunday morning services, I prayed the following prayer over our congregation. This is a prayer concerning giving and tithing. Remember, your God is able no matter the storm you may be facing today. Keep your eyes on Him and obey the still small voice in your heart. He will lead you out of darkness and into the light.

“With every eye closed and every head bowed, I want to pray first for every one of us here today that if you do struggle with the thought of tithing.  I pray that God would strengthen you with power and might in your inner man[1].  That He would help you identify when the spirit of fear ministers to you.  That He will help you magnify the Lord – make Him larger, louder, and mightier in your heart – because your God is able.  Your God is able.  He splits Red Seas and takes His people through[2].  Your God is able.  He walks in the fiery furnace with three other men and no one is burned[3].  He shuts the mouths of the lions[4].  They roar to tell you that you won’t make it.  No.  Your God is able.

Your God is able when you feel like it is the midnight hour and all the chains have wrapped you up and you don’t know how you are coming out[5].  I want you to know your God is able.  I want you to know that the earth is going to quake and the chains are going to shake and you’re going to find yourself in a whole new place.  Our God is able.

Father, we pray for each person that is in this place, that is listening through the video, and that is reading this transcript, we pray for each person, we pray that they would be found faithful[6].  We pray, Father God, that they would roll their sleeves up and take back what the devil has taken from them.  We pray that you would give them the courage to deal with unrighteous mammon the way You ask us to. ”

In Jesus Name, Amen

Be strengthened and encouraged today.


Pastor Scott

[1] Ephesians 3:16 & Colossians 1:11

[2] Exodus 14

[3] Daniel 3

[4] Daniel 6

[5] Acts 16:16-40

[6] Matthew 25:23

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