Wordfest Celebration

by Scott Stanek on September 1, 2012
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Wordfest Celebration Beginning September 16, 2012- October 16, 2012 Thirty Days, saturating ourselves with the Word of God!

Dear BCOC Church Family:

I am writing to share with you one of the most exciting challenges God has ever given to me personally and I believe the challenge is not only for me but also for the entire body of Christ here at Bastrop Christian Outreach Center.

The word given to me by God was, Wordfest. This is to be a thirty day celebration of the Word of God beginning on September 16, 2012.  As a church body, God is challenging us to saturate ourselves with the Word of God for thirty days. The challenge is to separate ourselves to spending time in the Word of God! During this time, you are being encouraged to turn off your electronics, your television, movies, talk show radio programs, and video games and saturate yourself with the awesome Word of God.
Get ready for a miracle! Get ready for a better marriage, a better life, stronger health and more of God’s Awesome Presence!

Please do the best you can to pull your entire family into this Wordfest!

Let’s keep all the outside voices of the world away from us and turn our full attention to the Lord. He is always speaking and has so much He wants to say to us. The Holy Spirit’s job is to show us things to come (John 16:3).

I encourage you to read, read, and read again the most supernatural book ever written, “The Bible!” Then, expect God to meet you personally in all His power and in all His presence. Gather together your old teaching CD’s, DVD’s and study guides and go after the Word of God!

Expect a miracle, expect God to meet you personally, expect God to talk to you and most of all expect God to use you to bless another.

Finally, remember to pray in the Holy Ghost! God has given us a supernatural tongue to pray the perfect will of God! Go for it! Leap out after God just like Jairus! His daughter was at the point of death, but he made a decision to harden himself to the natural around him. He went after the Word of God and his little daughter lived!!!!!!


Pastor Scott

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