Time for the Blessing

by bcocchurch on May 13, 2019
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Word of the Lord given by Cheryl Bohl:

Now is the time— the time has come and already begun for the transference of the wealth of the wicked to be poured out on my righteous ones. I put you in remembrance that my righteous ones are scattered all over the world.

Watch, listen, and speak by faith and witness the outpouring to begin.

This transference or pouring out will not come in ways that you might think or imagine for I have My own thoughts and actions concerning this move. Do not limit the hand of your God for I will distribute great quantities of money, valuables, property and possessions into the pockets of My righteous people. Inheritances, unexpected promotions, unbelievable raises, and property sold for over the asking price. Inventions will bring wealth to many.

Multitudes will say, “I never really thought this would happen.” Keep your eyes wide open and you will witness this great move from one end of the earth to the other.

Do not put Me in your limited time frame.

For in the beginning this pouring forth will not be recognized as My transference of wealth. For when I start, I will begin in measured amounts then increase. However, those who have been watching will recognize in their spirit that it has begun.

As this transference gains momentum, the righteous will know and understand but the ungodly will stand with their mouths open and shaking their heads saying, “Look at the church,” “Look at the Christians!” How is this happening to the very ones we have mocked and persecuted?”

I say many will be swept into the kingdom because of what they see but don’t understand. 

With this movement of wealth will come also My revelation knowledge of wisdom so as to assist my people in the management of their blessing so they will not become deceived and stolen from by the enemy. For people could become so overwhelmed that they splurge on unnecessary pleasures of their flesh. People who have never lived in this amount of prosperity do not understand how to manage their blessing. However, I will help all who ask for wisdom.

For this pouring forth is to bless my righteous ones that is true but more importantly it is to further my kingdom. This most powerful move will bring multitudes into our family.

You must guard your hearts— you must guard your mouth. Speak faith and rejoice when you see the blessing begins even when they don’t start with you. I am no respecter of persons and what measure I pour out on each person is not for you to say but is only for Me to determine.

I am held faithful to My Word.

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