The Joy of Being a Debt Free Church

by Mary Jackson on July 29, 2011
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I believe a church has an identity and soul… we could say a “personality” created by God.  God desires that not only as individuals we prosper and stay in health but as a whole, as His corporate body, as His church, He desires that we live in Divine health and prosper as the  church’s soul prospers.  When our church, BCOC, came into agreement to build this facility debt free, God was pleased and He Himself actually rejoiced over us for believing in HIM and HIS Word.  Our standard is always HIS Word.

Because of that one decision BCOC has been extremely blessed to experience:

  • No outside pressures
  • No individual sorrows
  • Continual peace
  • A joyful testimony of God’s ability to provide for His church
  • Unity which is an outflow of heart-felt obedience.

Yes, the joys of being a debt-free church leave no room for criticism and contention.  As members of BCOC, we are forever thankful for the wisdom and direction of the Lord.  We are thankful for HIS ability to make us and keep us strong together.

The personality of this church has been developing as lovely, giving, and just plain fun to be in and around.  I think we will never really know all the benefits or joys of a debt free church and the inheritance we will leave generations to come.

Welcome to joy!   Welcome to a debt-free church!

To God be the glory!

Pastor Mary and Tony

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