The Anointing Is in the Word

by Scott Stanek on October 10, 2012
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Below you will find a prophecy that was given during a Sunday morning service at BCOC. It was given on Sunday, September 23, 2012 through Pastor Scott Stanek. It will encourage you to expect great things from God through our Wordfest. Enjoy!

I heard the Lord say that there’s an anointing and it is in the Word.  And I heard the Lord say that I haven’t called this Wordfest just for something to do.  But as you leave that home and you harden yourself to the “little girl” (referring to Jairus’ daughter who was at the point of death, see Mark 5:21-43), to the situation, and you began to search out the Scriptures, you are going to find that I have the power to restore your marriage in a moment’s time. You’re going to find that your physical body will get stronger and stronger.

What seemed hopeless will no longer be hopeless. Where you found your body crippling, it will no longer be crippling, but in fact it will get loosed.  Your youth will be renewed.  Your strength will be restored and you’ll be able to run upon the high places again.  There’s an anointing in the Word of God, and I’ve called and summoned My people out. I’ve called and summoned you to the house of God, and to the Word of God, and to DVDs and to saturate yourself.

Oh, if you could see what I can see, just a little bit further, and we’re going to meet in a brand new way! There are ministries that will be birthed.

Thank you, Jesus!

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