Pray for Afghanistan

by Maureen Stanek on August 21, 2021
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“Imagine a phone call in the night so terrifyingly threatening that you pack what belongings you can carry, devise a cover story for the inevitable checkpoints, and travel into darkness and uncertainty with your children and husband. My dear Afghan friend knows what it feels like.”

A few days ago, I read the above post written by, Rick Burns, a man with a twenty-eight year Army career which includes two deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan and founder and president of The Karadah Project International, an Iowa nonprofit corporation committed to building sustainable and long-term solutions in partnership with the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. My heart breaks as I see the images flashing across the television screen of thousands attempting to flee Afghanistan.

In times such as this, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless. Let’s lift our voices to heaven together and ask God to intervene. Pray for women and children throughout Afghanistan. Pray for their protection from every evil force. Pray for deliverance. Pray for Afghans who helped America and her allies. Pray for all the people throughout the country. Ask God what your part is in and then follow what is in your heart. Be a part of the answer not someone who sits on the sidelines criticizing and critiquing others. The earnest, heartfelt prayer makes tremendous power available dynamic in its working. Prayer always sends a supply of power to the most desperate heart. I refuse to let go of faith and hope. Lord, teach us to pray and keep our hearts tender and open to the people who need us most right now. Make us instruments of your peace.


Maureen Stanek

Bastrop, Texas



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