Nicaragua Mission Report

by Scott Stanek on March 4, 2020
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Dear BCOC Family & Friends,

We recently returned back to the United States after ministering in Nicaragua for ten days February 10 -19, 2020. The team consisted of myself, Maureen, Navell, Roberta and Trinity Garcia. We traveled with Steven Schnedler (Pan American Ministries) and his team. We taught for three days in Managua at a pastor’s conference and then traveled into the mountains. We ministered in Leon, Achuapa, Esteli, Jocote and Playitas. We preached in nine different churches in these towns preaching both during the day and each evening.

Below you will find the daily posts we wrote while we were in Nicaragua. Some of you may have followed them on BCOC’s Facebook page where we posted each day. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for praying for us. It was a joy to be once again with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Latin America. Seeing their passion, love and dedication to Jesus inspires us to go deeper with Him. We learn from one another. Please continue to pray for the church in Nicaragua.

As I write this to you today in Bastrop, Texas, I pray that God will continue that great work He began in you. I pray you will be strengthened in your inner man. I encourage you today to “look up”. In a world filled with fear, uncertainty and confusion, keep your eyes on the One who never changes. He is our Rock in troubled times.

In His Love,

Pastor Scott Stanek

Day 1

We arrived in Nicaragua after a flawless day of travel. The team met us at the airport and the 100 books I had were released after inspection. We arrived at our hotel and set dinner with the team. At 6:30 we went out for a half of a chicken dinner, They cooked it in front of us, beans and rice, fried bananas and a Fresca. Nice! We treated and blessed about 15-16 people for dinner all for $80.00. LOL! The plates were massive!

Exhaustion hit and we were down for the night.

Day 2

We began the journey early heading for the pastors & leaders conference at 8:00am. We arrived to amazing worship and plenty of hugs! It’s been three years since our last visit and how our hearts were warmed standing among our brothers and sisters. My heart truly missed them. I couldn’t understand a word they spoke but WOW love is powerful! We opened, greeting them on behalf of their family in Bastrop, BCOC. Then I (Pastor Scott) shared with them on behalf of Pastor Tony Jackson who still carries them in his heart today. Then the glory came. We were all singing, “The atmosphere is changing now”. Wow, did it change! The gifts of the Spirit started flowing and person after person was touched by God’s presence.

We went on and ministered the Word of God about God’s presence and the supernatural. Next, we ate a late lunch and went back to our room to prepare for the evening service. In the afternoon, we pulled a Tony Jackson and ran off to Eskimo, the ice cream shop. Tonight we ministered at EL SHADDAI. Almost 25 years ago BCOC sent a team of men to put a roof on this church. Fun memories!

Well, God had me minister on HAPPY PEOPLE! told them HAPPY PEOPLE learn how to deal with pressure. Finally, we released the seven-fold blessing upon the children and called it a night.

Tomorrow comes fast. Thank you for praying and believing with us.

Day 3

We arrived early in the morning at the tabernacle. Praise and worship was in full swing. God’s presence filled the house. God was there! I sat there thinking how wonderful life is with God’s presence. How wonderful it is to have PEACE in our minds and JOY in our hearts. Steven then called Maureen up and the preach was on! She preached the fire down and about 8-10 came up and received the Holy Spirit and tongues! I enjoyed watching them receive the Holy Spirit and tongues as Maureen, Navell and Roberta laid hands on them.

Next we ministered healing through the gifts of the Spirit. The Spirit of the Lord ministered healing to those with broken hearts. Many were blessed and touched. The next morning session began and I ministered “Building a house of Honor.” We broke for lunch, took a short break then we were on our way to Pastor Marvin’s church. We entered expecting God to meet us in all HIS POWER and in all HIS PRESENCE. That He did! We finished the night together taking a nice stroll on the boardwalk of Lake Managua then to sleep.

Day 4

We finished the conference fully connected to our brothers and sisters. Steven shared his vision for the Bible school and heart and love for the next generation. I ministered on the importance of communication in relationships and Maureen preached on passion and spiritual hunger. We hugged, laughed, listened to how God met them and promised to return again. We returned to our room, packed, enjoyed a good lunch and launched out toward the mountains – our destination, Leon. We arrived at Iglesia Jehovah Shalom (Pastor Jaime’s church) just in time for our meeting! Praise began and God started downloading words of knowledge for healing. The presence of God was rich, weighty and upon us.

We greeted our brothers and sisters then we began to call out the words of knowledge. After each word I asked them to come up if the word was for them. Healing after healing flowed freely. The heavens were open, their hearts were open and their faces looked amazed. God was healing them personally. GOD IS GOOD, not because we are good but because God is good.

Navell preached a powerful message and ministered to the children. The church was simply hungry and God met them.

We finished late, trekked to Tip Top Chicken for dinner and called it a night. We want to thank each of you back home for praying, listening and declaring God’s Word over us and this journey.

Day 5

We awoke early in Leon and enjoyed relaxing, reading, talking and drinking Nicaraguan coffee. Nice! We met as a team and departed for Achuapa at 11:00 am. The drive began only to be quickly interrupted by a majestic view of an active volcano in the mountains. Picture time. Momotombo Volcano towers 1,258 meters (4,127 feet) above sea level on the northern side of Lake Managua. After driving for about 2 ½ hours, we arrived safely at San José de Achuapa.

Pastor Esteban was never so happy to see us. It had been over ten years since I visited here. Esteban gave us the tour: We visited His church plant that he is spearheading in a mountain village and then enjoyed a refreshing swim in the Rio Grande River followed by a delicious chicken, rice and beans dinner.

The evening service at Pastor Esteben’s church (which seats 600-800) began with joy, excitement and a full supply of God’s presence. I ministered on walking with God. To walk takes two legs. Leg one is A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE WORD, leg two is A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. It flowed easy and at the end we called for all and any who had pain attacking their body. About 15 responded, we ministered to one, we had them check for pain, and we had them do what they could not do. The first one testified of a complete healing, pain free. Then number two, again a full complete healing. She testified and the church roared. It happened again and again until all were healed.

Wow! What a night! How wonderful to see their faces as they checked for pain. It was refreshing. We said our goodbyes, full of joy and saddened knowing it would be sometime until we meet again.

We made the long drive to Esteli and arrived near midnight! Happy and tired! Another day tomorrow! Thank you for your prayers. Remember, the earnest, heartfelt prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available dynamic in its working. Your prayers are bringing a supply of the Spirit of God to us. We value you and appreciate you so very much.

Remember Vision 2020!

Day 6

Today is Saturday morning and we find ourselves downtown at the public square. Esteli is bustling with life with both young and old. Hundreds of people, vendors, farmers, singers and dancers fill the streets. This morning has been nice as we enjoy the culture and heart of another land. Before leaving the public square, we loaded up with gifts and blessings for the children we would see tonight.

Tonight’s destination found us weaving our way through mountain roads until we arrived at Iglesia La Hermosa (the beautiful church) three miles from the Honduran border. When we walked into the church it was obvious the people loved Jesus Christ with all their hearts. We worshipped together, laughed together and stood in awe of God’s presence and goodness. It still amazes me that there is only one place in all the world a person can go and every time God’s presence fills the house. This place is the church of the living God; the pillar and ground of truth in the earth.

We testified, we ministered the Word of God and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit followed. People were healed, blessed and encouraged. It was a fine night. How wonderful life is being a carrier of God! We then went to the pastor’s home and sat outside under the stars enjoying a chicken and rice dinner together. The day had come to a close, night was well upon us and the trek back to Esteli began.

I must say, “GOD IS SO GOOD” Our bodies may be a bit tired but our souls are certainly refreshed. Love is a powerful force and an universal language.

Thank you again for your prayers you are sending to us. We also are praying that the Lord is perfecting those things which concern you. We send the same healing anointing present here to you in the name of Jesus.

Day 7

Today has been rich in memories! For twenty-seven years our church (BCOC) has partnered with PAM (Pan American Ministries, the Schnedlers) pouring our heart, love, prayer, teachings and monies into the people and work of God here in Nicaragua. To think, Marvin wasn’t even a teenager when we started and Esteban had just turned thirty. Raul was a young twenty-year-old and Horacio was thirty-five. These were but a few of the men we started with. We have all grown together over the years, joined liked a family in our hearts while living and working thousands of miles apart in different cultures.

Today, Marvin leads a thriving young church in the heart of the city of Managua and streams his services live weekly. (Amazing! if only you really knew how amazing) Esteban, high in the mountains of Achuapa built an awesome church that easily seats 700, and God has filled it up. After pioneering that mountain church, Pastor Esteben continued to plant about seven or eight new churches throughout his region. Raul today leads the way as president of this strong team of men and provides leadership to over 45 churches. Horacio living with his family high in the mountains took hold of the spirit of faith. He shares with me how God told him to build a church. With no money in hand and only a shovel, he began digging the footer. Then he watched miracles happen until the church was finished and filled with beautiful people. As of today, he has planted eight churches throughout his region. Wow! My heart is filled today with how awesome God has been to these men and how dedicated they have been to God.

I have always preached it is one thing for us to trust in God but it is a completely different thing for God to be able to trust in us. God trusted these men and the fruit of their lives shines brightly for many to see. Jesus is glorified through their steadfastness and faithfulness.

Our journey today carried us through the mountains to Jocote (Pastor Horacio’s church). On our way we dropped Raul, Navell and his family off to minister in a different church. Steven, Maureen, David, Sammy and I arrived in Jocote and enjoyed our hearts being drawn closer together once again. We talked about the early days and preached, “God is not mad at anyone”. Maureen taught the children the song, “Oh, Happy Day” in English. We ministered healing after preaching. One elderly man shared that he could not hear from one ear, his one eye was cloudy and he could not see clearly. We prayed for him and asked if there was any change and he said, “No.” We prayed a second time, instructed him to rebuke the devil and join us in speaking aloud and taking authority over every spirit trying to attack his life. A smile came across his face and he shared with joy that he could now hear and see. Steven and I smiled. The simple gospel message worked! God loves people and helps people. Acts 10:38, “God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and power who went about doing good and healing all those who were oppressed of the devil for God was with him.”

Horacio’s family prepared a feast for us and a feast it was. Navell and family arrived to join us for lunch, beaming from ear to ear. With tearful eyes they shared how God moved and His presence came upon the believers. Full of God, full of food and grateful we loaded up and began the journey back to Esteli.

We arrived with thirty minutes to spare before our 5:30 p.m. evening service at El Shaddai in Esteli. Three churches from the area joined together for a united open-air service. From the moment we arrived, it was obvious that the heavens were open. The tangible presence of God filled the place. The church (under the stars and night sky) was filled with young people worshipping and dancing with all their heart, soul, might and strength. As Jacob said, “GOD is in this place.” Maureen ministered in song and preached on Gideon. She encouraged them to remember who God says they are and to dream big dreams. Nothing is impossible with our God! I exhorted the people concerning financial increase (3 John 2). We released an anointing to prosper over the pastors, businessmen and businesswomen present. I can hardly wait to return and hear what great things God has done.

Dinner was a feast prepared in elegance and honor. Linen, china and the best of their best. We left full and returned to our hotel knowing that tomorrow would be our last time to meet together. Tuesday would be the journey back to Managua.

I hope you have been traveling with us in your heart. I hope your joy is full. Thank you as always for your prayers and love.

Day 8

Today is our final day using Esteli as our base camp. The morning and early afternoon is for personal time. We rested, read, organized receipts and prepared for our evening meeting.

We left around 4:30pm and arrived at the church near dark. Three churches gathered together to worship, praise, laugh with and love our Jesus. Immediately the gifts of the spirit moved into operation and prophetic words were rich and uplifting. God was encouraging the saints.

We ministered the Word of God out of Genesis, “Who Told You that You Were Naked?” Everyone loved the title but even more the Word of God. We followed the preaching of the Word with ministering healing. As in all the churches, the people received instantly. Both young and old were blessed!

Dinner followed and in Nicaraguan fashion they heaped our plates full of salad, rice, beans and chicken. We left FULL! The journey home was slow and bumpy on unpaved roads but we made it home free of any incident.

We retired for the night knowing we would set our sights on Managua in the morning. It has been a rich journey. Heartwarming and very encouraging seeing how God has multiplied and increased the work and hearts of our brothers and sisters. Please pray for one final service tomorrow evening. Navell will be preaching at one of the churches in Managua. Pray also as the Holy Spirit leads you.

Continue to walk in fervent love one for another. Love leads us into the miraculous. This is Week 5 Vision 2020- Sharing the Kingdom. Matthew 10:7-8: “As you go, preach, saying, “The Kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.”

Day 9

The team gathered this morning at 10:00am. We stopped to view Pastor Amado’s dream property for his church and then moved on to feast at Castillo’s Buffet. While praying at the property, we met a family with two young children. The little girl stayed home from school because her stomach was hurting her. After praying for her, she shared that the pain was gone. God is so good! Wow!

We said our goodbyes to the pastors after lunch and the three-hour journey back to Managua began. We arrived safely, unloaded the van and checked into our rooms. The evening found Navell and family ministering in Pastor Chico’s church. Yes, the glory of the Lord filled the house once again the moment praise and worship began. Navell and Roberta preached the Word of God on hope and faith and God confirmed the message with signs following. Healing after healing freely flowed. One woman came back after the service ended rejoicing that her knees were healed. She glowed with the glory of God on her face!

Maureen and I spent the evening with Steven, rejoicing over what great things the Lord had done over the last nine days. Next, we set into motion plans to return in 2021. We want to say a great big, “Thank you” to each of you who covered us in prayer. The entire journey has been incident free, the ministry of the Word was powerful and God confirmed His Word with healing after healing. The body of Christ here was strengthened and encouraged as we reminded them who we are in Christ Jesus. “Greater is He who lives in us than He that is in the world (I John 4:4).” There is one body with many members (I Corinthians 12). Christ in us, is indeed the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27).

Our brothers and sisters received with open arms and hearts the love we brought and we also leave here filled with their love.

Oh, what great things the Lord has done! This is our final broadcast. Tomorrow morning (Wednesday) we leave for the airport. Please continue to pray for the final stretch of our journey. Each step we take is filled with purpose and destiny. What are you believing God for today? Reach out and receive by faith. The heavens are open.


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