My Heroes

by Maureen Stanek on May 12, 2019
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“What would our world be without moms? They smile, they mourn, they laugh, they love. They find their hearts being broken over and over again but refuse to stop giving and loving. They make messes and clean them up at the same time. They experience the world again for the very first time through each one of their children’s eyes. They will never forget the moment of feeling the warm, flawless skin and gentle breath of their newborn upon their bare chest and gazing with wonder into her beautiful eyes. They bathe, feed, dress, teach, listen, sing, dance and read to their children. They make sure you know how amazing you are even when they feel completely inadequate and ordinary. They show you strength despite their own weakness. They pray for you when they have no words left to utter. They will always believe in you, always stay by your side, and always be your very best friend. They are healers, counselors, teachers, coaches, trainers, chefs, chauffeurs, advocates, researchers, dreamers and creators. You’ll find them in fields, huts, kitchens, board rooms and conference rooms. Moms are miracles. You will live inside their hearts forever no matter where you rest your head tonight.

To all the world’s mothers, “We see you today. You are not alone. We stand side by side with you and are cheering you on!  You are our heroes. Happy Mother’s Day!””

P.S. There might be one of them sitting next to you right now. Give her a great big hug and say, “Thank you. “

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