The Basic Essentials

Scott and Maureen Stanek | What We Need for the Journey | Apr. 15, 2020

In this message, Scott & Maureen Stanek talk about two important things God gave us for this journey called life: His presence and His righteousness. Maureen shares how Jesus is a Good Shepherd leading and guiding his sheep through the storms of life. Scott explains how God sees us- not based on our performance but based on the price that His Son paid to make us right before God. In this time of COVID-19, we have an anchor for our souls…. the love of God poured out for all of mankind.

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What We Need for the Journey
What We Need for the Journey
In this series, Scott and Maureen Stanek share about the basic essentials we need to arrive safely at our destination. When planning a long hike in the mountains, hikers fill their backpacks with the essentials needed for the trip. In the same way, God gives believers all we need to navigate with peace in a troubled world. He supplies us with His person, His presence, His promises, His protection and more. Let’s dig into our backpacks and look closely at the equipment He has graciously bestowed on us in Christ.