Let My Presence Carry You

by Maureen Stanek on October 21, 2019
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The following is a prophecy that was given during the Sunday morning service on September 15, 2019. Let it encourage your heart today.

Let My Presence Carry You

“I heard the Spirit of the Lord saying, ‘Let My presence carry you.  Let My presence carry you.’

The other day I was praying.  As I was praying, I saw this picture.  And in this picture, I believe it’s for you here today.  It’s for me.  Not just for me, not just for you, but it’s for me and you.  And I saw this picture of this water and there was land on one side, safety one side, land on the other and safety on the other, but this body of raging water in between. I sensed God saying to me, ‘I want you to become like a little child and let Me put you on My shoulders so that I can walk and take you to the other side where it’s safe and where it’s grounded and where it’s firm.’  But you know sometimes when we’re adults (which we are, many of us here), we say, ‘Well, I know how to swim and I know how to get on a kayak.  I can maneuver my way through that water.  I’ve got the wisdom.  I’ve got it.  You know, I’ve got it, God.  You know, I went all the way and I was a Fish, a Flying Fish, a Shark.  I’ve done Porpoise, you know (referring to YMCA swim classes).  I’ve done all the lifesaving skill stuff and I can make it through that water to the other side.  I’ve got it, God.’

Now, little children, when my kids were little, they would say, ‘Daddy, pick me up.’  And they’d just wrap themselves into the arms of their father.  And then their father just carried them where ever they needed to go.  And sometimes we think in our own wisdom, in our own ability, in our own ability to get somewhere that we are going to make it.

But I heard the Spirit of the Lord saying that there are some things that some of you are facing today that you can’t get to the other side with your own wisdom, with your own ability.  Even with all the gifts that He’s put inside of you, you need your Father.  And I saw it, as I was praying the other day; I saw the picture as clear as could be.  And in the picture in my mind, as I am sharing it with you right now, it was kind of like the water that I’ve seen when I am in Burma (Myanmar), and in Rakhine state, which is in the Northern part of the country.  The people travel on these boats and it’s kind of like a jungle remote area.  Or in Ecuador if any of you have seen the film – the story of Jim Elliot.

God was saying and is saying to us today, ‘You might be facing some troubled waters.  You might be in the midst of a storm, but if you will just become like that little child.’  I saw it as clear as day and He just picked us up and put us right there on His shoulders and walked to the other side.

So just close your eyes and let’s just do that by faith right now.  I want you to whatever it is, for some of you this means casting your cares on Him.  Because you’ve carried that child and you’ve carried that person with sickness.  And you’ve carried some cares that you can’t carry.  You weren’t made to carry it.  You can’t carry it.  But there is One who lives inside of you who can carry it.

(Prayer) ‘So Father, right now.  You know every situation.  You know every troubled storm.  You know every place where there is sickness and disease, where there are financial problems, where there is a concern for a child, whatever the care is.   Father, this world is full of cares, but You said, ‘Draw near to God.’  You said submit ourselves to You, to draw near to God.  And to cast the whole of our cares, because why?  Because You care for us.  And I am asking, Father, that you bring today a new revelation inside of every heart, of the care of the Father.

And we do respond to that and become as little children.  And we take off the weight, the care.  We let Your presence carry us.  We let Your presence strip it off.  Just say this.  Say, ‘Take it off of me.’  Say, ‘I give You that care. Just take it.  I can’t carry it.  I can’t carry that sorrow.  I can’t carry that grief.  I can’t carry that pain, but Father, you carried it for me.  You carried my sorrow.  You carried my pain.  You carried it.’  And we just crawl upon you and we go to your shoulders and we let You walk us to safety, to solid ground.

The Bible says, ‘If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of Me.’  God is releasing wisdom in this place today.  He’s going to give you wisdom, but you are not going to be able to hear if you stay in your head.  But he’s going to release wisdom.  The answer comes now in the name of Jesus.





We release breakthrough in this place. The anointing of joy for mourning.  The garment of praise instead of a heavy spirit.  Shake off those heavy bands and lift up those holy hands.  Let all God’s people praise the Lord.


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