Earthquake Faith: Strong & Stable

by Mary Jackson on February 28, 2012
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The planned teaching for Tuesday morning Bible study with its printed lesson, discipleship questions and numerous thought provoking inspirational scriptures never made the Holy Spirit’s agenda last week. The lesson became the assigned homework which is becoming the rule instead of the exception.

God has need of much time for instruction in righteousness, reproof in false doctrine, and empowering in personal spiritual truth. This class has become a workshop on walking in stability of the mind and emotions. In these days, God has shown us the great need of understanding His covenant and becoming established in His great love. The illustration that comes to mind is a person in the middle of an earthquake. Instead of running for stable ground, the believer stands undisturbed, demanding the ground to become STABLE!

Hebrews 4:16 says, “Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”

The devil has but one option of power and that is to deceive. The word “deceive” in the Greek language means, “to cause to roam from safety, truth and virtue.” Just examine your own life. Each time you were deceived your safety, truth or virtue was compromised. You found yourself searching for a way back to truth with all of its protection and provision. Oh, what a wonderful Savior! What a wonderful Deliverer! Oh what a wonderful Restorer! The great news is: HE can live in you!!

Jesus has given HIS authority and power to the one who believes. And what is it we are required to do? TRUST in God’s truthfulness!! When Adam named the animals, we mistakenly thought the names were descriptive of their looks and actions but that was not the case. He was declaring their character and nature. When God named His people the beloved children of God, the sons of God, the heirs of salvation, overcomers, kings who reign in life, victorious, He was declaring our character, nature and destiny.

The more we know and understand God, our Father, and Jesus, our Lord, the greater our capacity to be STRONG and STABLE no matter what we face. The days are upon us, each one with its new pressures. We must not become anxious or afraid. We must be sound minded, immovable in courage and have a hearing ear for instruction from our Father.

So what will happen in the class next week? Who knows? One thing I do know…God is preparing us for what is to come!

Pastor Mary

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