Dream of Power and Resurrection

by bcocchurch on April 17, 2020
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I don’t often have dreams that I remember but just a few weeks ago on March 5th, I did have a dream that I wrote down the same day so that I could refresh my memory on a continuous basis.  The following is what I recollect.

I experienced a dream this morning that was glorious and somewhat mysterious.  I was standing on a platform to the left of a lady who was the main worship leader and there was another young man standing to her right.  She began to sing a song that I was not necessarily familiar with. The words Power and Resurrection were the words that were highlighted in the song although there were other words of Glory and Honor that come to mind and immediately the power and presence of Jesus was in the room.  It is important to note that this was the very beginning of the service; no other songs had been sung and no other words spoken and there was a sense of expectancy in the atmosphere as if we already had experienced something like this before. (and we had a confidence that it would happen again)  The young man to the right of the worship leader withdrew a few steps back on the stage and went to his knees singing at 1st in soft tones but in short time he was overcome by the Holy Spirit and with a loud voice he cried “Power and Resurrection” and he sang those words over and over and over again and the glory increased.  I joined in and sang the song “Power and Resurrection” and in no time at all we were all overcome by the strong presence of our God. Then people seemed to come from nowhere, streaming past me on the stage, all singing the words “Power and Resurrection”.  The people were moving to my left and taking their places on what appeared to be risers where a choir would be assembled. An endless stream of people continued to praise and worship the Lord and everyone was smiling.

I then woke up and lay in my bed because I did not want to leave the glory and I was trying to understand more about the words “Power and Resurrection”.  It was morning and time to get out of bed and I immediately told my dream to Kathy and I think she could tell that I had experienced a wonderful dream. She then told me that her knee had excruciating pain in it when she walked and that she believed that she injured it while picking up our grandson the day before.  Having had the revelation about the “Power and the Resurrection” I began to pray immediately for Kathy and when I had finished, she said that is amazing, I have no pain at all. We both praised the Lord. Kathy called her sister immediately who has recently been diagnosed with cancer in her lungs and told her what had happened.  I recounted my dream to Cheryl and prayed for her. We are expecting a miracle. There is an anointing on the revelation of Resurrection and the unsurpassed Power of God.

Additional insights/revelations since the dream:  On the day that Jesus came forth from the grave it was unlike any other day in history.  After enduring what no other has ever endured, it was determined forever and ever, that sin, death, and the grave had no sway over Him.  Resurrection Power flowed that day in the tomb. It was a Power that established for all time that nothing the enemy chooses to attack us with could prevail.  Every vestige of darkness was dispelled when the Light of God by His Resurrection Power flooded the tomb that day and all God’s creation cried out, “He’s Alive”. 

The Message Acts 2:24 “But God untied the death ropes and raised him (Jesus) up.  Death was no match for Him”. In other words, it was not possible for death to hold HIM!  As Christians we know this but I believe we are being called in this hour to walk in a greater revelation of Resurrection and Power.  God is with us. Salvation is with us. Rescue is with us. Deliverance is with us. Healing is with us. Faith is with us. Grace is with us. Love is with us. Peace is with us.  Let His story be known this Easter season that JESUS SAVES!

Randy Short

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