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by Maureen Stanek on March 10, 2016
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Dear Friend:

We want to encourage you to be a part of summer camp this summer at Discovery Camp in Columbus, Texas (June 27-30, 2016) . Jeff and Erin Neal, children’s leaders at BCOC, will be taking a great group of kids this summer. We wanted to take a moment today to share with you a few stories from “big people” who attend BCOC now and remember what it was like to be a kid at Discovery Camp. Enjoy their testimonies and take a moment, parents, to read this to your children. It’s not too late to join the fun!

Much Love,

Pastor Maureen


Tyler’s Story

“This is my testimony of what God did in me at Discovery Camp. When I was in junior high, around 13 or 14 years old, I went to summer camp in Columbus, Texas. I specifically remember one time when the Lord touched me at a chapel service. As we were praying, the Holy Ghost fell and a heavy anointing came in the room. Then, in a moment that would change me forever, Brother Tommy called me out to come on the stage. He laid his hands on me and I fell out under the power of God.

While I was under the anointing, the Lord dropped in my spirit that my sister was not just my sister, but that she was God’s daughter. He gave me the ability to see that our siblings are more than just our brother or sister. They are, in fact, a gift and blessing from the Lord who we are to treasure and honor just as you would somebody that is not in your immediate family. The most important thing about attending Discovery Camp year after year was that I always knew that l would leave changed each time.

Even as an adult, that’s something that has always stayed with me. I’ve realized that this kind of experience with the Lord is so much more valuable than head knowledge because it becomes a reality in the heart of man.

From that day on, my relationship with my sisters was never the same. Glory to God!”

Memory from age 13
Erin’s Story

“I believe that God likes “camp”. Summer Camp: a place where people of all ages set aside time to dive further into the heart of God and meet Him in a new and fresh way. Discovery Camp located on the Country Camp campgrounds is certainly one of those places. It played an integral role in my young life to want to know Him more and cultivated a desire to be in the presence of God every day.

The very first time I attended Discovery Camp I was only 9 years old. When we arrived at camp, I distinctly remember being excited at the waterslides, swimming pool, and the go-carts. But, what made an eternal difference in my life were the amazing Word-filled, anointed services hosted by Pastors Tommy and Rachel Burchfield.

Back then, as it is now, we were invited to the altar area to worship God with our whole being. During one particular service, Brother Tommy walked over to where we were standing, waved his hand over us and we fell out under the power of God. I can honestly say that I was forever changed.

Jeff and I are expecting a mighty outpouring of God Spirit upon our children this year- especially while we are Discovery Camp this June.”

Erin Neal
Memory from Age 9

Traci’s Story
“I loved going to Discovery Camp as a child! My fondest memories were riding go-carts, sliding down the water slide a million times, and buying my own food at the concession stand. I remember clearly trying not to laugh on the top bunk when we were supposed to be going to sleep.
However, one thing at camp changed my life forever. In the middle of the week, at the age of 11, I was filled with the Holy Spirit. Even at this young age, I was radically changed. I remember going home seeing life in full color. I knew I wanted to obey my parents and God. My hard heart had softened to want to look like Jesus in every way. You can ask my Mom, I was never the same again! Going to Discovery Camp was a highlight of my childhood.”

Traci Jackson
Memory from Age 11

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