May 2, 2020 Church Update

by bcocchurch on May 2, 2020
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Dear BCOC Family,

We are thankful for each one of you.  We continue to remember you in our prayers and we are asking God to meet each of you personally in all His presence and in all His power.

As each of you know, Governor Abbot has issued an order (GA-18 issued April 27, 2020) that churches may resume their regular worship services.  As a result of this order many have asked us when we will have church at BCOC again.

The pastors and board of directors at BCOC have taken time to both pray and meet about this important decision.  We have decided to continue streaming all services until June 7, 2020.  At this time we will resume services, as long as there is not another crisis with COVID-19.  This decision was made for the following reasons:

  1. We genuinely believe this is God’s best for us at BCOC.
  2. We believe we have a mandate from God to protect and look out for each one of you, keeping your safety as the highest priority. 
  3. It is our desire that when we meet, all of us (including 65 and older) can meet together.
  4. We are awaiting the arrival of supplies necessary for compliance with Governor Abbott’s guidance for churches.  

The following is the present guidance from Governor Abbott for churches:

  1. Churches are strongly encouraged to have all at risk population (65 and older and those with underlying health conditions) watch remotely and not to attend church in person.
  2. Apply social distancing (6 feet) to all seating and communication while in the church.
  3. Alternate rows between all attendees
  4. All volunteers and employees are to be screened before coming into the church.  There is a list of eleven guidelines that each person is required to meet before entering into the building.  If any of these eleven are not met, they will be required to leave.

As each of you know, these are unprecedented times.  You can rest assured that we will continue to do our best to love you, encourage you, pray for you and provide the strong Word of God to assist you. We know that this news might be disappointing to some of you, but we ask that you trust us.  We are committed to leading in honor to God and in honor to each of you.  Thank you for your faithfulness, support and kindness.


Your Team,

Pastors Scott & Maureen Stanek, Joan Boethel, Mary Jackson & Board of Directors

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