A Fresh Anointing – A Cloud of Glory

by Maureen Stanek on October 26, 2018
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As we were standing and worshipping, I saw exactly what Mary just said, “Lift your hands.”  I saw every hand in the house lifted, and I saw all the way to the right a cloud forming. I saw the cloud begin to get really dark.  Then I saw a Texas downpour coming out of that cloud off in the distance. But, then I began to see that cloud begin to move toward us.  

As each hand was lifted up, I felt like God said that there is going to be upon our lives, and upon your life, a fresh anointing and a greater awareness of God’s Spirit stronger and clearer than you’ve ever known.  So, just lift your hands up, because I saw…I saw that cloud beginning to move from the right across the auditorium. I really believe that, I understand it’s by faith, but I’m telling you there’s an anointing that is in the house tonight.  God didn’t bring the anointing in the house to leave the House. He brought the anointing in the house to leave a deposit of that anointing in the House and upon our lives.

So, as that cloud begins to move over us, and as it lingers over us, a fresh anointing will rest upon you.  I’m telling you, there is power in that anointing. If your body in any way needs touched, begin to do what you couldn’t do whenever you’re ready.  I’m telling you that you’ll be able to what you couldn’t do.

Given by Pastor Scott Stanek on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 (Campmeeting with Jerry Garcia), Bastrop Christian Outreach Center Sanctuary


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