2015: We Are Supernatural

by Mary Jackson on February 9, 2015
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Dear Friend,

Welcome to 2015! And what a year it is going to be for BCOC!

God has spoken and we believe His words!

God has spoken and we believe His plan!

God has spoken and we believe in His supernatural provision for His people.

Believe and receive – Doubt and do without!

The definition of Supernatural:  “Something take takes place outside the natural world: above, over, higher, and beyond the ordinary course of nature.”

Faith gives us access to the supernatural.

As pastors of BCOC, we are committed to doing our best to accurately teach scripture in context through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We believe this will develop in all of us, “Mountain Moving Faith”.

In the year 2015, the members of BCOC will all be exercising our faith in God’s Word with power for the following:

Supernatural Provision:

  • Freedom
  • Protection
  • Finances
  • Favor
  • Restoration

Supernatural Relationships:

  • Body of Christ
  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Friendships

Supernatural Health:

  • Strength
  • Healing
  • Creative Miracles
  • Recovery from attacks on:  Body, Spirit, Soul (mind & emotions)

Supernatural Assignments:

  • Witnessing
  • Discipleship
  • Gifts of the Spirit
  • Signs & Wonders

We invite you to join us this year as we venture fearlessly into the “Land of More Than Enough.”

It’s Supernatural!

Please come join us for services and meetings each week:

  • Sunday Morning Service at 10:00am
  • Sunday Night Believer’s Academy Classes at 6:00-7:30pm (Topics change every 6 weeks)
  • Tuesday Morning Bible Study at 10:00am – 12:00pm
  • Wednesday Mid-week service at 6:30-8:00pm

Children’s ministry provided for all of the above services and classes

Youth ministry available on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights

With Much Love,

Pastor Mary

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