LifeFamily Bastrop

On June 9, 2024, we made a monumental announcement – the merger of our church, Bastrop Christian Outreach Center (BCOC), with LifeFamily Churches!

Launching August 11, 2024

Launching August 11, 2024

Launching August 11, 2024

Launching August 11, 2024

This announcement came after many months of prayerful consideration and a true divine connection with Pastors Randy and Denise Phillips, Lead Pastors of LifeFamily Churches. Maureen Stanek met Pastor Randy Phillips at an Orange Conference at LifeFamily Austin on November 8, 2023. She shared with him that BCOC was looking for a children’s leader and asked if he could help us in that search. Pastor Randy later called, and a lunch meeting was set for the Phillips and Staneks to get to know each other better. During this lunch, the Staneks began sharing their hearts and vision for the future. That day began a conversation around the overall future vision and impact in the Bastrop community and about what it might look like to merge our efforts in Bastrop to reach more people.

For LifeFamily, this merger ties right into their “10-10-20 Vision”: To see transformation happen through the power of Jesus Christ through 10 campuses within 10 years, impacting 20,000 souls right here in Central Texas! The Bastrop community is rapidly growing, with industry-leading companies moving into the area, a large projected increase in job needs, and fast-paced community growth. This means that there currently are, and will continue to be, more souls that we can all help reach for Christ.

As we transition towards the launch of LifeFamily Bastrop on August 11, 2024, we want to assure you that while many things will change and shift around our campus, what won’t change is our heart for creating transformation in our own community. We value your role in this journey and invite you to be a part of all that God is doing right here in Bastrop!

Join the Launch Team

We are extending a personal invitation to you to be a part of the LifeFamily Bastrop Launch Team. If you are interested, please use the link below to sign up!

Contribute Financially

If you would like to contribute financially to building the LifeFamily legacy and support this new launch, please use the link below. Select the “Bastrop Campus”, then select “Legacy” as the fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ Guide on this merger. If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at


The merger idea fell into our lap. Maureen Stanek met Pastor Randy Phillips at an Orange Conference at LifeFamily Austin on November 8, 2023. She shared with him that BCOC was looking for a children’s leader and asked if he could help us in that search. Pastor Randy called, and we set a lunch meeting about her request and for fellowship. During our lunch, we began sharing our hearts and vision. That day we began a conversation about what it might look like to merge our efforts in Bastrop. It all just fell into place.

The churches are merging because we believe our impact will increase in Bastrop County for the kingdom of God. We are also merging because we believe this is a God given succession plan for BCOC and we are very excited about what God is doing. Both healthy, strong organizations share a common commitment to serving our communities and spreading the message of faith, hope, and love through the gospel of Jesus Christ. As leadership, we know the church is God’s and we want to serve Him with the greatest potential to bring people into relationship with Jesus.

There will be a strengthening of our reach and effectiveness to serve the community through combined programs and initiatives. The foundation and influence of both churches coming together will create greater opportunity to attract and impact a broader audience. Joining together creates a cohesive organization that leverages the strengths of both entities.

A multi-site church is one church meeting in multiple locations – different locations in the same region, or in some instances cities and states. A multi-site church shares a common vision, budget, leadership, and board. LifeFamily operates according to a multi-site model developing churches and serving communities across Central Texas.

The new church will become a part of LifeFamily Church and will adopt the name LifeFamily but will be known as LifeFamily-Bastrop Campus.

Under the multi-site model Pastor Randy Phillips serves as Lead Pastor. Each campus has a
“Campus Pastor” as senior staff providing the leadership and shepherding for the campus staff and congregation. The hiring of the Campus Pastor will be a decision of LifeFamily according to their ministry model and determined as the merger progresses. Pastor Scott Stanek will be engaged and provide consultation in this process. If needed, Pastor Scott will serve as interim campus pastor until such a decision is made. Pastor Scott remaining in a subsequent supportive leadership role going forward is critical to this process.

Update June 2024: Andrew Fortner will serve as the campus pastor.

LifeFamily has committed to “retain and train” our core existing pastoral staff and will at this time continue ministering and serving at LifeFamily Bastrop. The pastoral staff’s roles, responsibilities and titles will change but they will continue as part of the team bringing their unique strengths and giftings.

All volunteers will stay in position and serve as they have normally served. We still have all our normal departments, ushers, greeters, children, etc. New systems and protocols may be introduced as to the volunteer process but the basic infrastructure is not changing.

LifeFamily Church will become the lead church and BCOC will be the joining church. Pastor Randy Phillips will be the lead pastor and his team will lead the way. BCOC pastors will be joining the LifeFamily team and will be coming under the leadership of LifeFamily.

The existing church facilities will become part of LifeFamily Church 501 C-3. BCOC will become a LifeFamily church and asset.

Once the merger is complete BCOC will become LifeFamily Bastrop. All expenses and all contributions will be managed by LifeFamily. BCOC will no longer be its own 501 C-3 non-profit. BCOC will become a part of LF 501 C-3.

Worship services and expressions will be different in style and duration given the multi-site broadcast model. Sunday morning services will be simulcast with Pastor Randy Phillips teaching each week. Worship, communion, prayer, and personal ministry will be live. Praise & Worship, acts of worship in communion and offering, special music, message. and prayer are all a part of every service. Ministry time for salvation, prayer, etc. all flow under the leadership of the campus pastor following the message of Pastor Randy Phillips.

Significant discussion and discernment have occurred during this process and the leadership feels in all things essential we are in unity.

This is a process and we do not have a clear and perfect map yet. The main change will be the Sunday morning experience but the life groups, small groups, Bible studies and community outreach will remain.

All on-boarding of employees and volunteers will be hired through LifeFamily Church in collaboration with the campus pastor at LifeFamily Bastrop.

It is anticipated the legal process of transfer and merger will be completed by May 15, 2024. This will allow for a 3-month integration process to follow with LifeFamily teams and BCOC teams coming together to both discern and design what the ministry lanes look like going forward. August 11, 2024, is the targeted launch date for the first LifeFamily-Bastrop worship experience.

This will be an on-going evaluation but assuming theological and philosophical congruence, these programs and services will continue and be evaluated going forward within the mission, vision, and values of LifeFamily.

Records will be transferred. Membership will be automatically transferred with strong encouragement for every BCOC member to take LifeFamily LifeTrack at some point in subsequent 6 months.

The governance structure of the merged entity will be the model and structure that currently informs and governs LifeFamily Church.

On Sunday, June 30, 2024, at 6:00 pm we will host a Legacy Service in Bastrop.

The current BCOC pastoral team is available to be a support, comfort, and encouragement to all members during this time of transition. Our doors remain open. Leadership of both executive and ministry teams are available as well.

The pastors and board members of BCOC and Life Family Church.