Children’s Registration

For the safety of your children,  we ask parents to please go to the Children’s Self Check-in Kiosk located in the foyer of the church upon arrival, where you can print a name tag which includes your child’s room number and a security number.

Parents will also receive a parent sticker that contains your child’s name and security number for that day. This sticker will need to be turned in to the classroom teacher when you pick up your child at the end of the service. Only the adult with the parent sticker that matches your child’s security number will be allowed to pick up that child from class.

If your child’s teacher should need you at any time during the service, we will display your child’s security number on the LCD screen in the main sanctuary. Please make note of your child’s security number each week. If you see your child’s number appear on the screen, please go immediately to your child’s classroom.

Only adults may use the Self-Check in Kiosk.

First Time Visitors:

For first time visitors, you may download a registration form, print it, complete it, and bring it to the Registration Desk when you arrive to church. A registration attendant will provide you with your child’s name tag and your parent sticker.

For your convenience, you may also fill out the registration form online below which will complete your pre-registration. (Click on arrow below to open).  Please pick up your child’s name tag at the  registration desk when you arrive to church

Registration Form

Complete one form per child

  • Child Information:

  • Parent Information:

  • If you are not the parent:

Introducing the new Children’s Check-In Kiosk

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