Little Church (Infants – 3 yr. olds)

At “Little Church” we teach children through repetition and simplicity important concepts from God’s Word. We are introducing these young ones to Jesus by loving, caring and sharing.  We receive babies and toddlers as gifts from God.  Our nurseries and pre-school classes are clean and well staffed with loving staff and volunteers.  Our classes are not just a babysitting service but a safe place where your child will be taught about the love of Jesus.  We believe that every child we care for will be touched by God. Little Church classrooms are located in the east lobby of the church building.

Miles & Nanette Frasier

Miles & Nanette Frasier

Terrific Two's Directors

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Steve & Elena Schroeder

Steve & Elena Schroeder

Tremendous Three's Directors

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Our Vision

Our vision for our nurseries is to teach by precept and example the simplest but most important concepts of God’s Word. We are introducing them to Jesus by loving, caring and sharing.

Lovable Lambs (Newborns-15 months) – Room A

We receive babies as gifts from God. As we hold the babies, we pray for them to receive all that God has for them in life. We believe that every child we pray for will be touched by God.

Shining Stars (16-24 months) – Room D

Our sixteen to twenty-four month olds are introduced to the beautiful world God created for them. We have worship and prayer time and learning material with a hands-on approach that activates their senses and helps them develop a healthy, positive attitude toward God.

The young children ask for bread, but no one breaks it for them. Lamentations 4:4

Terrific Twos (2 Year olds) – Room E

Jesus desires for children to have the bread of life, the Word. We are breaking “the bread” into smaller pieces to give to the children so that they may have understanding on their own level. We teach these children Bible truths in small   groups. They learn about God through praise and worship, prayer, crafts, story time, flannel graph and videos.

Tremendous Threes (3- 41/2 year olds) – Room C

Our three-year old class is a fun-filled class, teaching basic Bible principles. Puppets, flannel graph, object lessons and crafts make the Bible come alive to young children.

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